MATCHDAY (navy blue)
MATCHDAY (navy blue)
MATCHDAY (navy blue)
MATCHDAY (navy blue)


MATCHDAY (navy blue)


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Waking up, knowing that it’s MATCHDAY, is there any better feeling than that? It’s time to head to the stadium with your mates! Cheering for your team, cursing at your team, loving your team; all in all a real MATCHDAY.

This sweater has been designed and printed in the Netherlands. It’s a high quality sweater, with tight fit, neck tags made out of goal nets, delivered in very slick packaging. You simply see and feel that immediately when it lands on the doormat.

Size Width (CM)  Length (CM)
50,5 69,5
M 53 71,5
L 56 73.5
XL 59 75,5

85% organic ring spun cotton
15% polyester 
Soft touch 
Medium fit