We are two mates with a serious football addiction. One supports Ajax Amsterdam, the other one roots for Feyenoord Rotterdam. We both hold season passes for our favorite club and hardly miss a home game. Given the intense rivalry between these two Dutch clubs, our cooperation couldn’t be more contradictory, however we strongly believe it makes things far more interesting.

Going to see football matches and the passion for the stadium atmosphere has officially started in Buenos Aires, the capital of football. The atmosphere we experienced there was (and is) simply unprecedented. Ever since, we often travel 2.5 hours there and 2.5 hours back to visit football matches in Germany or Belgium.

For us there’s nothing better than to experience the atmosphere within and around the stadium in the company of good friends while checking an impressive choreo, engaging in small talk and of course drink a few pints.

Why? We trust that real football fans know why.

In late 2015 we opened our own Instagram account, documenting our trips with pictures and posting about impressive tifos, banners and pyros from around the world. Since we are frequent visitors of Dutch football matches, we soon realized that Dutch football fans are being marginalized. Many things are being penalized which we believe doesn’t do well for the overall stadium atmosphere:
  • No Pyros
  • No (normal) beer during (top) matches
  • Censorship on banners
  • No standing (update: some stands are)
  • It seems the message to fans is: keep seated, watch the game, shut up and please pay for the privilege.

We reminisce the days of giant pyro shows, corteos to the stadium and fans climbing the fences. In other words, we believe that all factors that improve the overall atmosphere should be reinstated instead of being counteracted upon.

By wearing DUO CENTRAL, you show you understand what it’s all about at the stands.